Chiseled In 30 Workout Program Review


Chiseled at 30 (CI30) is a home workout app which arrives from the company Calisthenics Kingz and designed by HIT Richards (more on HIT after ) It is a two DVD collection. Each DVD can be just a phase of the work out. Thus, Phase I and Phase II.

Each Phase is always to be accomplished daily, five consecutive days weekly then a two day rest for three consecutive weeks. Thus, you would do Stage I for fourteen days, five successive days then a two day rest. After completing the 3 weeks, then proceed on to Stage II for five consecutive days with two days rest for three weeks. Get it? The”30″ in the”Chiseled in 30″ is the range of workouts you will be doing.

If you follow along with this application, each workout should take approximately 45-50 minutes total. And think, you WILL feel as if you exercised if you are finished.


Oh, also for those that are more high level than me, you can get this program for a download also. I’m uncertain of this arrangement it comes set to your download, but should you decide to go that route, I am convinced it’s outlined at the Calisthenics Kingz website.

This program also will come with a nutrition program. Just like the 2 Phases of work outs, you can find just two Phases of this nutrition program that corresponds with the workout Phases. Therefore, throughout Phase I, you should adhere to a certain nutrition program and do the exact same for Period II. It’s all laid out for you in an easy to follow format.

Who’s Calisthenics Kingz along with HIT Richards

The corporation that put together CI30 is Calisthenics Kingz and also their creator is HIT Richards. (HIT is an acronym for Hard In Tense Trainer, that was given going to by his customers ). I had the chance of Interviewing HIT as part of my Fitness Interview Series (In case you’re a Fitness Insider you might have heard it). I won’t get into precisely the desktop of HIT or even Calisthenics Kingz, but that which I will tell you is HIT has got plenty of experience, and plenty of credentials. Feel free to research him and your organization, I did and that I was pleased.

Equipment Needed

The gear that you’ll need to get CI30 is quite straightforward, a jump road and also a chair (or even steps or something you can utilize for chair dips). If you do this work out in your home, ensure the top of the jumprope does not hit on the ceiling and you’ll be all set. I’d the full program in my own two car garage, with one car still in the garage! Yup, it doesn’t need a great deal of space. In reality, HIT, the creator of the program, does the program in a small room.

Of course, since this really is just a DVD type of workout, you will need some apparatus to play with the precise DVD.

As that can be a replicate workout, I suggest following along with the DVD the very first few days and that means it’s possible to get the routine along with the exercises down. I would even go as far as writing down the moves and the arrangement so you can take this work out”on the road” as we say.

If you opt for, after you understand the sequence of these motions and the remainder times between these, don’t hesitate to make use of your music and perform the app without following together with the DVD.

In the event you are feeling real rough, you may take this workout to any neighborhood park and complete it also. Bottom line, this is a workout program which can be completed only about anywhere.


I would like to make 1 thing absolutely clear, but this work out is made for anyone; young or old, slender or perhaps not too skinny, female or male; CI30 is not suitable for the casual man who only exercises for recreation. If done correctly, this workout can kick the buttocks period! CI30 can be a full body work out. You’re going to be doing pushups, a lot of pushups with different variations. You may continue to work your thighs, you will work your abs, so you will receive cardio… and one more thing, you may SWEAT!

If you are a gym rat (I was one so I could state it)this workout will soon be equally as intense, if less intense, compared to any workout you’ve ever done.

If you’re intent on becoming in phenomenal shape, this work out is going to have the desired effect, if you obey it.

The”Chiseled At 30″ Workout Program at Detail

Okay, now let us enter into the workout .


My first reaction was to say”doing the exact same work out for 5 days in a row, using the exact muscles 5 days in a row, goes against what I’ve ever heard concerning resting muscle bands for a few days between workouts.”

I’ve been training for quite a while, either at home and in a gymnasium, and I have always lived by the”muscles will need to break” notion. Now, however, I am changing my tune. If I failed to personally talk using HIT, also didn’t perform my own research, I may possibly have just poo poo’d this whole workout away. However, knowing his credentials, I knew there was a solution to his madness, as they say. HIT wouldn’t merely throw an app together for sake of performing a program. One cannot arrive at his degree of fitness or his knowledge of fitness without even doing his homework. And, I could tell you, HIT has been doing his homework. After all, have you seen him? The Dude is torn past belief!

So, I chose to not matter his theory, but embrace it. After all, I conduct a fitness internet site and I wanted to become true into this program I would be reviewing, maybe not my personal beliefs that may or may not go with the doctrine of the actual program.


I sort of already covered this in my warning section above. But I can inform you, if you remain true for the particular program, then the strength level is through the roof! How does a program that does NOT utilize weights be really intense? (particularly to somebody with increased weights in a gym for a very long period ). It only comes down to personal duties. If you decide to carry a posture for suppose 5 minutes as opposed to the recommended 20 seconds, you could not feel that the intensity. If you decide to jump rope for 20 seconds instead of the recommended 60 minutes, you may well not obtain the cardio required for the program. All I can tell you is that the intensity of this work out is that there, if you prefer to get it’s totally your decision.

Sequence Of Moves

Just so that you understand, I will not undergo each exercise of the app. If you want to learn, then buy the program. I will, however, speak about the way the exercises are set up over the app.

Phase I and Phase II have different structures as far as the sequence of these exercises are involved. For instance, Phase I has a ab exercise thrown in after two exercises and after that after two more exercises. PhaseII has a ab workout as the first move of the Stage, then that’s it. Strange you may ask, yes. However efficacy is right in your key. Besides, if you didn’t know this, then push ups require a lot of ab work too, which means that your abs are being worked throughout the app.

Also, I won’t state each exercise is harder than the last, however I shall say the final exercise in each Stage (with the exception of the calf raises) will leave you breathing tougher than the others. Walk Out Push Ups along with Burpees… OUCH is all that I Need to say!

Strength and Cardio

Bear this in your mind a good workout program will comprise aerobic and strength vascular. A great workout program will utilize the best part of eachand every. CI30 does this, takes the best of resistance training and the most useful of cardio vascular training.

In case it wasn’t for the jumprope and also the timed rest periods between places, CI30 could be purely a strength workout. I’m sure HIT designed it this way purposely, so it can be classified as a High Intensity circuit training workout which incorporates both strength AND cardio, all over a 45-50 minute table.

Nutrition Plan

I will admit, after a nutrition plan of almost any kind was difficult for me for lots of reasons I will not get into at this time. I did, however, read through the plan and I will state it’s really a terrific plan! Easy to follow and is right on course. When you couple that with the actual workout, you have no choice except to transform the body. I shall say, the nutrition part of the app, but not as glamorous, but is just as vital, if not more important, than the actual workout part of the app.


OK, this is where I think HIT marginally missed it. At this time with this review, Phase II was a bit confusing the first few times I moved through the workout. I state this because I was used to hearing HIT describing the practice before doing it Phase I. Phase II was not quite like this. He did the move or exercise, then told you exactly what he did you would know for the following set. Thus, rather than moving with him, the very first time you might have to find out what he can therefore you know the move. This was a bit odd for me because it was not this way in Phase I. After the 2nd or 3rd time doing Phase II, it was not a problem though because you recognize what to accomplish.

A number of the moves do require a while and I wish there is a bit more education on what to do them. However, as I said above, after visiting HIT perform it, and trying it myself, after the 2 nd or 3rd period, it was not a problem. I chalk it up to, as like just about anything, there’s a tiny learning curve you might need to undergo, but it’s well worth it.

Background Music

As with just about any workout regime, background music is a big type in it. And of course, CI30 isn’t any different. The music throughout the app is mixture of in your face and relaxing relaxing. It’s tough to describe, however in my opinion, it does fit what HIT is trying to accomplish with the work out program. It was all instrumental, as they say. That I am no vocals, only music. Would I enjoy the music? There’s one song in particular that I did like, that’s the one with the violin playing. It was like a hip hop type as opposed to an orchestra type of violin. The remainder of the music, well… let’s just say it had to grow on me.

Now, the best thing about this program is since you may not require equipment to do it you can do it anywhere and, consequently, you can use your own music as long as you understand the sequence of this moves AND the remainder between these.

Putting and Production

If you’ve been across the at-home workout apps, straight away you’ll notice that, production wise, CI30 isn’t as high quality as others. Now, I am not saying that is a bad thing, but I am just pointing it out.

Was there lots of work placed in to the building and the creation of CI30? Sure, definitely! It’s obvious it was not thrown together at the conclusion of the minute. There was lots of thought behind the production.

Now, in case you pay real close attention, there are a few flaws in this production. I bring this up because I’m convinced there was someone who might state”Andrew, you didn’t mention that on your review, I am mad about it!” At precisely the exact same time, my reaction to these minor flaws, for want of a better term, is”what exactly?” It’s really a one camera setup with just one mic. Believe me, that doesn’t eliminate the real program itself. I have no issues with the manufacturing quality, and neither should you. I’ll also add, the only real reason I’ve noticed these small production flaws is because I used to studio television production. The person who didn’t study might never watch them, okay?

In other words, what I am saying is that when you should be searching for exactly the identical sort of production caliber as the other big named businesses that spend enormous money putting together their apps, you maybe disappointed.

Here is that the CI30 program’s setting, separated since I see it: HIT at a room by himself with white walls and a wooden floor. He has his water, towel and then jump rope on to the floor the back wall, window sill and door handle. He’s got a folded seat against the wall he pulls when doing seat drops. That is the extent of this visual. Oh, and HIT does exactly the work along with you as well!

At first the back ground looks a little boring, but after considering it, I realize what HIT was doing was revealing the genius of the simplicity of the real program. No fluff. No elaborate backdrop. Just filthy and down, ground and pound workout in its finest.

That having been said, the atmosphere is fine rather than distracting at all. Matter of fact, it gets you pay a lot more attention to this actual work out .


After completing the true work out component of Chiseled In 30 (I cite my not following a nutrition plan above), I can frankly say that YES, this work out program is top notch!

I will admit, my real weight dropped approximately 5lbs, however, my body re shaped outside my fantasies. I have already been told to go by actual weight , however by the way my clothing fits. That said, my belt decreased two notches along with also my shirt sleeves felt warmer around my arms. Both of these made me feel amazing!

The kicker was when people that I had not seen since beginning the program commented on how good I looked and how I had lost weight. To me, that made the greatest impact of how this program actually worked.

I might only imagine how much more my own body would have changed when I’d have followed the exact nutrition plan too!

Last ideas

I’ve worked outside in the fitness center for years, and have done countless at home workouts as well. Up to used to do the this workout system, I just recommended 3 apps for great at workouts. I can honestly declare that “Chiseled at 30” is just as effective, or even more effective, than any of those others.

It’s really a program that is basic and simple, and many all are certain to allow you into the physical state you would like to be. I would recommend the program to anyone that is wanting to get into great shape.

Great Job HIT Richards!

Congrats Calisthenics Kingz!

In the event that you would really like to hear the Interview I did with HIT, you will need to be described as a Fitness Insider. Do the like the top right of the webpage.

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