Customer Service Case Study – Rent-A-Car Company and High Pressure Up-Selling for Add-On Insurance


Can be the organization destroying customerservice because of in-house earnings contests? A number of companies have revenue contest involving their organization agents and staff members around the sales floor. It will not only occur in retail surroundings, but it also happens inside the company sector as well. In actuality, it really is really serious, which in case it isn’t handled correctly, you can damage your brand name, as well as your company’s reputation in a single quarter from trying to up sell your entire clients into buying things that they really do not want, can’t afford, and are not curious about Rent a Car. Really, I would love to talk to you for a few moments about this if I could.

You notice, prior to retirement I had been at the mobile oil change company, and we’d fine and it had been great to find business from the static site places who had tried to up-sell their female clients into buying and getting far more products and services than they initially had. Perhaps since they felt as though women did not know enough about their automobiles, and were more apt to fall to get these questionable sales approaches. Surely it worked for them, some could arrive to get a19.99 petroleum shift, also go out paying 175 for several types of solutions which they may or may not have ever needed.

Yes, even the auto industry unfortunately has gotten a terrible rap due of plans like this, but those organizations who are engaged in that failed possess a decent streak in the market to get a couple decades, however today their new names have dropped. However, some terrible habits never die inside the industry planet, and I was recently informed by an auto body repair shop owner concerning how his customers were bullied in to buying more insurance at the area auto leasing company where he had been shipping most his clients. Now then, listen to this trickery revenue tactic to get a moment;

“It’s definitely going to be very blustery this weekend, also it becomes quite untidy round here out from the desert, so or so the sand will likely be blowing. You need to buy the extra insurance policies, which I really don’t charge a fee personally or your charge card that you simply left document for end hurt from the sandblasting effect that might ruin the paint

of this rent-a-car that I just rented you”

Afterward the customer would feel obligated to buy the additional insurance to get the following £ 10 per day. Since the salesperson at the vehicle leasing agency was trying to enhance the variety of that local office, he would be rewarded for up-selling the client. Clearly, this high heeled tactic also met with immunity from people knowledgeable customers who lease cars all the time, also have never been aware about such crap. Within this circumstance, when they went back into your automobile body shop owner that was simply fixing their car, although these certainly were renting a short-term loaner, they whined, which also chose the auto body shop owner look awful for discussing them into this specific rent a car service.

Now, he can not refer them clients, so rentacar bureau may possibly have left extra profit earnings that month, but they’ll not be getting some further business or referrals using this gentle man once more. Be careful, customer service things, and it is maybe not superior customerservice to gouge your clients, nourish them packed with BS, or use high pressure earnings tactics. There’s really no location for this, certainly not in the event that you’d like to keep up a robust brand image and strong reputation in the community. Really I trust you can please consider all of this and feel on.

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